format_quote We're building our own CMS with the features of nodum. format_quote
Robin van der Ploeg
Front-end developer bij Oxygen Software
format_quote With nodum, back-end development is no longer an obstacle. format_quote
Vincent Corbee
Footgolf Life

Nodum is used by companies that desire quality.

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Projects are free and only accessible from your own account and of three test users. Projects that you have put live don't have this limitation and are accessible across the globe. A live project costs you €25,- a month.
You only pay when you have manually put a project live. The first time you pay in advance, after that you will receive a monthly bill for the peak numbers of live projects for each month. Nodum supports recognised payment methods like iDeal, credit card, and XRP.
There are multiple ways to receive answers to any questions you may have. The help center is there to answer any questions regarding the use of nodum. Do you want to know more about your code or don't know why something is or isn't working? Turn to our vibrant community. Nodum also organises Meet ups and other conventions where you can meet other users of nodum or consult with the developers.
Definitely! Send an e-mail to with a request and we will gladly make an appointment with you to show you all the ins and outs of nodum.
We advice you to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. A little bit of knowledge of JavaScript would be an added bonus. You don't need any knowledge of programming; our Start Guide gives you a head start in nodum.
Nodum isn't suited to build native apps or a complete software platform, and it's not a drag and drop tool. However, you do have the freedom to do what you wish as long as you have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.