format_quote We're building our own CMS with the features of nodum. format_quote
Robin van der Ploeg
Front-end developer bij Oxygen Software
format_quote With nodum, back-end development is no longer an obstacle. format_quote
Vincent Corbee
Footgolf Life

Nodum is used by companies that desire quality.

Achieve more with less code

Look into all features of nodum and decide what you want to start with.

A code editor that lets you work faster.

You don't have to install anything in the browser. The code editor works the way you are used to with Autosuggest, Emmet, and the possibility to adapt multiple lines simultaneously.

  • Autosuggest Mistakes belong to the past with the automatic complements.
  • Short keys Handy short keys for widely used features.
  • Emmet Write HTML super fast with just a single keyboard combination.
  • Live preview Instantly know what your code looks like in the browser. Also on mobile devices.
  • Multiline edit
    Adjust multiple lines of code simultaneously.
  • Syntax highlighting
    Nodum contains standard highlighting for HTML, Twig, SCSS, CSS, Javascript, and Markdown.
  • Linked files and folders
    Easily link files and folders to other projects.
  • SCSS
    No more hassle with other preprocessors; SCSS is integrated in nodum.
  • Cooperation
    Work on projects with multiple people and watch over their progress live.
  • Inline comments
    Simply add comments and suggestions in the editor.
  • Markdown compiler
    Code written in Markdown will automatically be converted to HTML code.

A project dashboard for a clear workflow.

  • Quickstart Start and realise a project in just two clicks.
  • Duplicate & transfer Duplicate, copy, and transfer projects to team members or other users.
  • Management Manage settings and other account data from the dashboard with ease.
  • Invite team members Collectively work on projects, and set up teams for different tasks.

A powerful database, easily linked in two clicks.

  • MongoDB Every project in nodum contains a built-in MongoDB-database.
  • Databasemanager Consult records and create collections easily.
  • Configuration in two clicks Effortlessly start up and link the database.
  • Plenty of storage Every project has a 500 MB storage.

APIs that extend your possibilities.

  • iDeal Integrate the best known payment service of the Netherlands in your project.
  • Social Auth Logging in safely and familiarly with Social Media has never been so simple.
  • Slack Program your application to send you a message through Slack at every major event and never miss out on anything.
  • Mailchimp Maintain you CRM easily in Mailchimp from your nodum project.
  • Web services Exchange data with external systems based on SOAP Web services.
  • Zip code API Check zip codes and collect addresses from the database of Postcode BV.
  • MongoDB Easily save or retrieve data with the MongoDB-database
  • IO: (s)FTP & WebDav Read or write files in your project, or from and to (s)FTP and WebDav.
  • JSON/XML Send and receive JSON or XML data and easily convert these in every project.
  • Push notifications Send an SMS or e-mail with Prowl, Pushover, or one of the other built-in SMS-APIs.
  • HOTP Generates an automatic code that is available for 30 seconds, and can be requested through Google Authenticator or Authy for instance.
  • Clockwork SMS Sending an SMS from your project? No problem.
  • Digitise the signing of important documents with the API from
  • Mollie The strength of online payment in just a couple of lines of code in your project.
  • Messagebird Send SMS, chats, and voice messages all across the globe.
  • Atlassian Jira Start and maintain projects and teams with the best scrum tool for developers.
  • LDAP Validate login data from users based on your existing LDAP-domain.
  • Exact Software Maintain all your data from Exact Online through their API.
  • Simplicate Manage your data from Simplicate in your project.
  • AFAS Profit Use the Get and Update Connectors from AFAS Profit or make integrations in InSite and OutSite.
  • Sabre All APIs in the world made available through HTTP, POST, GET and REST with Sabre.
  • Bugsnag Easily catch bugs in their developmental stage and display them with Bugsnag.
  • Mobile Detect Detect whether the consumer uses a mobile device, and adjust your webpage accordingly.
  • PDF Read PDF files in and convert them to HTML code.
  • Excel Create and read Excel files from your code.
  • CSV Instantly create and read CSV files in your project.
  • QR Create or read a QR code.
  • ZIP Compress or unzip files.
  • Calendars Make simple calculations and build a calendar in no time.
  • OAuth1 Easily log in on widely used media such as Strava or Twitter.
  • Akismet Suffering from spammers? Avoid incorrectly completed forms with the Akismet API.
  • Images Minimise, enlarge, or compress images in just a few lines of code.
  • File uploader Process uploaded files to the correct folders.
  • iCal Never missing out on the agenda? Generate signals, feeds, and events in for instance Google Calendar and iCal.
  • Time zones Work out the exact time based on time zones.
  • reCAPTCHA Establish that a computer user is human with reCAPTCHA.
  • Stripe De nieuwe standaard in online betalen.

Twig-templating for intelligent websites & apps.

Twig is the fastest and one of the most well-known template languages on the web. Apart from complete accessibility of the functions of Twig, nodum offers a whole range of extras. Do you want to add anything yourself? Use the devboard to add your idea and maybe your addition will be featured in nodum!

  • Accessible syntax A simple and clear syntax to combine backend with frontend code.
  • Filters Nodum developed its own filters to be used in addition to the known Twig filters.
  • Templating Use template files and macros to avoid copying frequently used codes.
  • Routing Every URL will be automatically converted to the right folder and file in your project.
  • E-mail templates Send e-mails fast and easy through pre programmed templates.

Cloud & security, reliable and safe.

  • Hosting Uploading to a server is history. Nodum includes the hosting so you are always online instantly.
  • Own domain Link your domain to projects in just a few steps. SSL certificate included for free!
  • Storage Every project features 500 MB database storage and 1000 MB media storage.
  • Security Every project is secured by Imperva Incapsula: extra security for you and your customers.
  • Automatic backups Go back up to 60 days in your files to fix something.
  • Logging & Audit trail Insight in planned tasks, adjustments and possible problems in a single overview.


  • Generate PDF Create dynamic PDF files in the languages you already know: HTML, CSS, and Twig.
  • Planned tasks Automatically carry out your own code on your own specific points of time.
  • Included storage File static downloads and files in your project and easily control them in the file manager.
  • External access Do you want to outsource your translations or graphic work? Allow third parties to get access to your project.
  • Online collaboration Team up with other team members to work on multiple projects and watch each others progress live.
  • Fast configuration A clear place for API keys, functions and possibilities.

Your nodum-account

  • Number of testprojects
  • Access to all APIs
  • MongoDB database storage
    500 MB
  • Media storage
    1000 MB
  • Community support
  • Unlimited team members

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More information?

This is what other people made with nodum.

Robin van der PloegOxygen Software

Nodum to us is an all-in-one solution that gave us the freedom to build our own CMS and not be dependent on Wordpress.

Rick MeulendijksIT Specialist
Customer portal

Nodum gave us the opportunity to build a new customer portal in less time than usual. We put the leftover time into the development of extra features.

Vincent CorbeeFootgolf Life
Mobile Web App

The easy link with a MongoDB database gives us the opportunity to keep score of our players while they are playing. This way everyone can view the tournament live!

Jeroen de BeerAFAS Software
Ordering page linked to AFAS Profit

Customer data is immediately secured in AFAS Profit through the ordering page. Because of the standard nodum APIs linking with Profit has become so much easier!